la costa Italiana
arrivata a Sydney
The Italian coast has arrived in Sydney

Driven by the famous quote by Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519 “La semplicità è la sofisticatezza finale” (Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication).

Riccardo Bernabei together with Rob Rubis would like to introduce you to Molo (Italian for ‘Pier’) – a seasonal ‘pop up aperitivo wine bar’ featuring simple, sophisticated Italian dishes, digestives, bitters, grappa and unique wines from lesser known regions across Italy such as Sicily, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia, Calabria and Basilicata.

On arrival, guests will be treated as they are in Italy; their drink accompanied by a specifically matched cicchetti, a small bite to awaken the palate. The full menu, written in Italian and English, is a close collaboration between Riccardo and Manta’s chefs; executive chef Daniel Hughes and head chef Steve Hetherington.
The menu offers a select range of plates to share which will be changed according to seasonal availability. Determined to provide a genuine Italian experience, Riccardo has gone to extraordinary lengths to source the best produce direct from Italy, with many of the ingredients sourced by small Italian importers, specifically for Molo’s menu.

Although the menu will always remain tight and seasonally focused, there will be larger dishes for the cooler months, including a traditional Italian roast. The menu finishes with regional Italian cheeses and a rotating menu of Italian sweets paired with hard to source, interesting and delicious, Italian digestives and muscatos.